Logistics Companies

Logistică Feroviară

Logistică Feroviară (Railway Logistics) was established in 2015 with the aim of performing railway manoeuvres under safe transportation conditions, in compliance with current railway regulations.

Railway Logistics operates in accordance with environmental standards, with the objective of maintaining the quality of imposed parameters. The company has a reduced ecological footprint, and its emissions are within the Environmental Compliance Program's regulations.

Currently, the company handles over 120,000 wagons annually. The company's staff consists of technical specialists in transportation, logistics, consultants in hazardous goods, traffic safety managers, etc., certified by the Romanian Railway Authority AFER.

Due to the current railway regulations, Railway Logistics offers maintenance and repairing services for industrial railway lines, as well as wagons and locomotives.

Rolling Stock Company

Founded in 2007, Rolling Stock Company, a member of the GRAMPET Group, specializes in the leasing of wagons and locomotives in Romania and Central and South-eastern Europe.

Rolling Stock Company has solidified its position in the rolling stock leasing market in Central and South-eastern Europe due to the quality of its services and has expanded with strategic partnerships with railway companies, freight forwarding companies, and authorized operators of freight rail transport.

Rolling Stock Company is committed to continuously improving the quality of its services and adhering to environmental, health, and safety operational (EHSO) conditions.

Eurorail Logistics Germany

EURORAIL Logistics was established in 2010 in Frankfurt am Main, combining the advantages of both rail and road traffic, concepts of block trains, intermodal transport, and customized eco-friendly transportation systems across Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Eurorail Company Moldova

Eurorail Company Moldova, established in 2010, is the largest private forwarding company in the Republic of Moldova, with a substantial rolling stock fleet.

In addition to its presence in the Republic of Moldova, the company operates in Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, and Montenegro, providing railway transport organization services.

Eurorail Ukraine

Eurorail Ukraine is a forwarding company based in Ukraine, primarily aiming to meet the transportation needs of customers within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

GFR Logistic Brazi

GFR Logistic Brazi, built on the industrial platform of Ploiești city, at Brazi Industrial Park, is an industrial centre for the servicing and cleaning of tanker wagons used in the transportation and supply of petroleum and powdered products.

Grampet Logistics

GRAMPET Logistics is a provider of transport solutions in Europe and Asia, integrating various modes of transportation and auxiliary services in the logistics chain, being a reliable partner. The company operates on the principle of being the single point of contact and offers personalized services that perfectly adapt to the clients' requirements.

GRAMPET Logistics ensures an optimized and adaptable approach to meet customer needs.

Grampet Intermodal

The main activity of Grampet Intermodal consists of loading and unloading goods transported in trucks and wagons, cargo management services, transhipment of goods, and transferring petroleum products between railway wagons at the border stations of Romania with the former CIS states.

GP Intermodal provides comprehensive handling and storage services for goods on logistics platforms or in warehouses, including intermediary activities related to transportation services, for various general goods and hazardous petroleum products.