Locomotives and Wagons

Electroputere VFU Pașcani

Electroputere VFU Pașcani, founded in 1869 under the name Atelierele CFR Pașcani, is the largest industrial complex in the railway industry in Romania and has been a part of the GRAMPET Group since 2004.

The company has developed and implemented a unique modernization process, both in the domestic and international markets, called R&R - Redesigned and Rebuilt, aimed at used railway vehicles. The result of this process guarantees performance similar to new ones, at significantly lower costs.

Additionally, the company offers customers an integrated package of services: consultancy, know-how, design, manufacturing, testing, commissioning, personnel training, warranty and post-warranty support, complex services, and turnkey projects.

REVA S.A. Simeria

Founded in 1869, Reva is located in Simeria, a city in western Romania known as a significant railway intersection point. It became a part of the GRAMPET Group's portfolio in 2001 through a public tender.

The company has specialized units and workshops, including assembly units, sand rejuvenation stations, painting and drying stations, forging, and bending workshops, mechanical processing facilities, tool depots, a chemical testing laboratory, a metrological laboratory, a non-destructive testing laboratory, as well as a technological performance testing laboratory.

RELOC S.A. Craiova

Established in 1968, RELOC has been since then the most significant company in South-eastern Europe in the sector of design, manufacturing, repairs, and modernization of rolling stock, and is one of the main suppliers of railway vehicles and spare parts.

The existing technological capabilities are constantly developed and monitored, ensuring RELOC a technological level that can meet the market's requirements.

Grampet Debreceni Vagongyar KFT.

GRAMPET Debreceni Vagongyár has a tradition of over 120 years in the field of repairing and manufacturing freight wagons. It became part of the GRAMPET Group portfolio in 2009.

GRAMPET Debreceni Vagongyár is a market leader domestically when it comes to repairing wagons for gas transportation and is one of the significant factories in Europe for freight wagon and tanker repairs.

GRAMPET Debreceni Vagongyár conducts overhauls, repairs, and modernizations for more than 2,400 freight wagons and tankers each year.