Future Footprints

GRAMPET Foundation

We are committed to supporting young individuals aspiring for careers in railway transportation, rolling stock production and repair, as well as the tourism industry. We engage in cultural, scientific, educational, and charitable activities and offer our support to employees of companies within the GRAMPET Group. Through these initiatives, we actively contribute to promoting education and culture, and we support the development of the communities where we operate.

Toflea Foundation

Established in 2004, the Toflea Foundation was initially created to support the citizens of Brăhănești locality, Galați County. The primary focus was on the youth, especially the 1,400 students in the community who needed assistance in completing their studies.

The Toflea Foundation values inclusion, integration, and adaptation of Roma students into society. In the Brăhănești locality, there are a total of 8,900 citizens of Roma ethnicity, with over 600 residing in Toflea.

Through education, the youth are empowered to prepare and adapt to modern society while encouraged to maintain their ethnic identity and authenticity, finding a harmonious blend between modernity and tradition.

Among the foundation's significant activities are the development of educational, social, and cultural programs aimed at helping the community and disadvantaged youth, particularly those of Roma ethnicity. We are consistently and directly involved in their material and spiritual support, enabling them to pursue their studies.

In its 19 years of existence, the foundation has supported over 700 young individuals in continuing their education and annually assisted more than 400 underprivileged families.

GFR School

GFR School is a specialized training program developed by Grup Feroviar Român. Participants in this module acquire both theoretical and practical professional skills required for a career in the railway sector, ranging from locomotive mechanics to technical wagon inspectors.

The courses are fully supported by Grup Feroviar Român, and the GFR School project represents our promise and commitment to sustainable development in the railway industry as well as the community.




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